Restaurant place mats


at TIm Hortons, Pat's Pizza and Lincoln House of Pizza, all in Lincoln, Maine.


Our place mats give diners something to read while they're waiting for their meals. For a very reasonable cost, you can keep your business in the public eye. Ad spaces go fast, so be sure to reserve yours before your competition does! Contact us today to find out more.


Advantages of place mat advertising with us


Place mats are a unique way to advertise! Not only are they cost-effective, but you are reaching a captive audience.

Almost anyone dining in a restaurant can be a potential customer for you. WHY?


In the 3-5 minutes that diners sit while waiting for their order to be taken, and the 10-15 minutes or more they wait for their order to be prepared and delivered to their table, the placemat is right there in front of them and they are exposed to all of the advertisements on that place mat - not to mention the time they spend after their food is delivered, which is about 20-30 minutes


Place mat advertising gives you the opportunity to reach hundreds of potential local customers each week, on a daily basis, at a very low cost!


To advertise with us, you just need to give us a rough copy of what you would like to say in your ad, and which restaurant(s) in which you would like to advertise.  Our professional graphic artist will design your ad at no additional charge.  A proof (a copy of what your ad will look like when printed) will be supplied to you for your  approval.


RAND ADVERTISING has a 25-year history of offering our customers a low-cost, effective way of advertising locally.  We're ready to add your business to our growing list of happy advertisers! E-mail for details on our latest place mat project today.



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